How a 16 year old boy survived gunshot in the chest as police flushed out over 30,000 people residing in Otodo-Gbame


Residents of Otodo-Gbame, narrated their horrible experiences as men in police uniform flushed them out of the community where they reside.

Monday Idowu, a sixteen years old boy who was born in the community explains how he got shot in the chest while he was helping his mother pack some of her loads.

“I was just helping my mother to pack things in the house, suddenly, I felt a shot on my chest.

“I started bleeding and still running. I kept running until some people came to my aid. They carried me into a boat and I was taken to the hospital. I was discharged  on Monday afternoon.

“Currently, I don’t know where my mother and siblings are. We are six siblings, two boys and four girls. I don’t know what next to do.

“I am an apprentice. I just enrolled as a barber this year. I couldn’t finish my education due to financial constraint. I was born into the community, today, I have been rendered homeless.

Others also stated that there were not able to even take away anything from their home, not even a pin as the police men burnt down their houses and chased them away.

Mrs. Hungha Nofi said that her family was left with nothing except the clothes there had on while the men suddenly stormed their community.

‘’We only escaped with the clothes we were wearing when the police invaded the community. They chased all of us out and did not give us chance to take a pin.” 

Mr. Tosinhun Paska said that ‘’There was no prior notice before the police came into the community and set the entire place on fire.’’
He added that over 30,000 people how are probably now homeless used to live in the community.

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“Our fore-fathers settled there and we inherited the place. We were born in the community and have been living peaceful until 2014 when some people who claimed to be belong to the  Elegunshi family invaded the community.

“Today, Otodo-Gbame has been reduced to rubble. They have set our community ablaze”, he said

Paska added that the policemen came with kerosene and poured it on all the houses and started shooting sporadically. I heard the police commander, who gave the order that all the community must be brought down. That no house should be spared. After that, they started pursuing all of us to the lagoon. They entered into the boat and followed us into the lagoon.”

“We watched in pains how our homes were brought down and people ran in different directions for their lives,”another resident interjected.

“Otodo-Gbame community stands as a paradox. It is a slum of shanties, peasants, mat-weaving fishermen and divers who are just a few meters away from the wealth, interlocked roads and high-rise buildings of Lekki Phase 1 and the rest of highbrow Lagos Island”, he said.

John said that he only escaped with few clothes;

“I escaped with some few clothes. “All our belongings are now several feet under or in the sea. We’ve been treated worse than dogs.

“Our mothers, fathers and children scampered for safety as fast as their legs could carry them. Most ended up in the Atlantic and got drowned.

‘’As I speak with you, we can’t find some members of our families. The state government sent the Police to kill us.”

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