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APC-led government does not wish Nigerians well – Arewa Youths

President Muhammadu Buhari inaugurated the National Food Security Council at the Presidential Villa, Abuja

Yerima Shettima, the National President of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, on Tuesday, during a peace and unity rally organized by the Nigerian Ethnic Nationality Youth Leaders Forum, said that the Presidential, National Assembly and Governorship elections proved that the ruling All Progressives Congress-led government does not wish well for Nigerians.

The Arewa Youth leader further stated that the rally was organized because of the injustice meted out on Nigerians during the elections, adding that there was a clear rape on our democracy.

“This rally is as a result of fallback on the elections. We felt Nigerians deserve more than what they are experiencing in recent times.

“From the presidential election to the governorship election, there was a clear demonstration of rape on our democracy.

“We feel this is not what we envisaged, something went wrong. For us, we have no other home than this country and if democracy is threatened, all meaningful Nigerians must come round to do the right thing.

“This is a clarion call that all hands must be on deck to save democracy, since it has been threatened.

“The election had been massively rigged and the sensibility of Nigerians has been abused and Nigerians demonstrated that in the last election by not coming out to perform their civic duty.”

Oladotun Hassan, the National President of the Yoruba Youth Worldwide, also said that there was the need to sensitize Nigerians not to allow ethnicity, political affiliation and religion divide the nation.

“We are passing a message to our leaders that irrespective of their political parties, let nobody play the card of ethnicity because it is very dangerous,” he said.

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