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APC Senator Dino Melaye says that his party has no plans for the youths. Berates ruling party for borrowing N11trillion under 3 years, while PDP borrowed N6trillion in 16 years

Senator Dino Melaye at the Senate floor

Senator Dino Melaye who is representing Kogi West Senatorial District under the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), on Tuesday said that the refusal of President Muhammadu Buhari to sign the Peace Corps Bill is an indication that the president has no plans for the youth in Nigeria.

Chances are that the National House of Assembly might resolve to veto Buhari’s decision should he insist on rejecting the bill.

According to the senator who raised the point of Order citing Order 43 of the Senate Standing Orders 2015 as amended, he is under intense pressure from his constituents on the necessity of the Peace Corps of Nigeria. He added that the Senate should override President Buhari’s decision by vetoing the bill if he refuses to look at it again.

Melaye also said that his party, All Progressives Congress (APC), has in just three (3) years borrowed N11trillion, while the former ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), borrowed only N6trillion in 16 years.

“I want to draw the attention of the Senate to the issue of Peace Corps. We have received a communication from the President on why he will not assent to the Bill. I want to say today that I have received hundreds of text messages from my constituents who believe that the Peace Corps is not only important but should be given priority by Mr President. They want the President to withdraw his non-assent to the Bill.

“The same thing happened when the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) was to be created. We were told that there is no money. Today, we can see the advantage of Civil Defence. They are helping with the security architecture of the country, especially the protection of pipelines.

“About $5.5 billion was borrowed through Eurobonds. No part of this will be used to uplift the youths. About $1 billion will be spent on How does that affect the youths of this country?

“The PDP in sixteen years borrowed N6 trillion. This government in three years has borrowed N11 trillion. There is no specific programme for the youths of this country.

“About N500 billion was earmarked for social investments. We have not seen any impact. If the Peace Corps is allowed to exist, hundreds of youths will be employed. It will fight unemployment in this country. We are calling that the Senate will revisit this matter.

“We may need to write the President to review his position. If not, we have the power on behalf of Nigerian youths to override the veto of Mr President so that the people will become the beneficiaries of this Peace Corps. The youths of this country must be given priority.

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