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Boko Haram did not touch or rape any of the over 100 rescued Chibok Girls. What you need to know about Chibok Girls release.

82 freed chibok girls

Zannah Mustapha, one of the negotiators of the recently released 82 Chibok Girls by the Boko Haram, said that the deadly terrorists group did not rape or touched the girls.

Mustapha stated this during an interview on BBC.

According to him, it was only when any of the girls agrees to get married to any of them that they had sexual affairs.

He added that even before the abduction of the girls, the government of Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and his organization were already trying to negotiation with Boko Haram.

“We were already trying to negotiate peace with Boko Haram before the Chibok girls were kidnapped,” Mr Mustapha said.

Mustapha who is a 57 year old lawyer from Borno State said that when he arrived at the outskirts of a forest near Kumshe town between the Nigeria and Cameroon border (the venue of the handover of the 82 girls) one of the terrorists read out the girls names from a list.

“I went ahead of the Red Cross. They [the militants] brought the girls to me,” he said

Mr. Mustapha is the founder of Future Prowess Islamic Foundation School in 2007 aimed to provide free Islamic based education to orphans and the poor. The group also offered admission to the children of soldiers and government officials killed by the terrorists.

The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) also began to provide food and other humanitarian services to women and children displaced by the insurgent. This was happening at the time when soldiers had arrested the wives of Boko Haram members and destroyed their homes.

Zannah Mustapha

Zannah Mustapha

Apparently, the help rendered to their wives and others made the group to see Mustapha’s organization and the Red Cross as neutral parties.

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According to Mustapha, 20 girls were initially negotiated to be released in the October 2016 release, but the Boko Haram decided to give extra one as a gift to him, making the number 21.

He noted that the 21 girls were lined up by the terrorist group and asked if they had been raped? They all said no.

The girl carrying a baby among them said that she was already pregnant at the time of their abduction by group, because she got married few weeks before the incident.

The same question was asked to the recently released 82 and they all said that nobody raped or even touched them.

After that, Mustapha told the girls that they were all free and that they should go and enter the vehicle.

“When I told them to go to the cars, they all ran,” Mr Mustapha said.

“Immediately they entered the vehicles, they started singing for joy. Some shed tears.” He added

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