Niger Delta Militants

Buhari to Niger Delta Militants: Stop destroying oil facilities, come let’s negotiate

President Muhammadu Buhari, speaking during a Christmas visit by residence of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), urged the Niger Delta Militants to come to the negotiation table with the Federal Government in order to end the destruction of oil facilities in the region.

Mr. President noted that Nigeria and its citizens were highly important to him, saying that he would continue all within his power to protect and improve citizens living condition.

His visitors were led by the Minister of the FCT, Muhammad Bello.

“I want you to talk to people to be patient with the government. We are always thinking about our country and we are thinking about our people.

“I assure you that the country and the people of the country are always uppermost in our minds. With our performance in the North-East, Nigerians know that this government is serious.

“For our friends in the Niger Delta area, we will persuade them that they should please sit down with us and agree to manage our resources rather than think of fighting it out.”

Buhari noted that it is already about 18months since his administration resumed office. He noted that the problems he identified during his campaign were still the fundamental problems in the nation.

He stated that security, the economy and unemployment are his major concern.

As for the economy, he blamed past governments for not using the opportunity of oil price boom when a barrel of crude oil cost $100 at a 2.2million barrels production daily.

“It is about 18 months since we resumed here. I believe some of you followed us during our campaigns and what we identified are still fundamental problems.

“The first is security, and we kept on saying whether it is an organisation or a country, we have to first secure it before we can manage it properly. Without security, nothing can work.

“Secondly, the economy and the unemployment of able-bodied persons. From 1999 to 2014, the crude production was over 2.2m barrels per day. The average cost per barrel was $100.

“When we came, it was $37. I think it is now between $40 and $50. I asked for savings, there was no saving. I asked them what they used the money to buy, they said they bought food and oil. I do not know how long it took me to recover from the shock.

“Some of you will recall either by history or discussion that it was cocoa, palm kernel, cotton, agro allied industry that we used to build infrastructure, be it rail or school.

“We also used the proceeds to develop oil. When we got the oil, we threw everything away. We thank God this year, the harvest was quite good; otherwise, I do not know what we would have done.

“There was no money saved, no infrastructure built, and power is still our main problem. Old roads are dilapidated and they need to be repaired from Lagos to Kano, Port Harcourt up to Maiduguri. There are rail lines we want to develop from Lagos to Calabar, from Lagos to Kaduna and the Abuja one.

“If we can get the infrastructure done, we cannot even know the number of Nigerians that will get jobs. So, we have to get infrastructure. It will take tankers and other articulated vehicles off the road; we will save vehicles and we will save lives and we will get jobs for a lot of Nigerians.”

The FCT Minister and the FCT Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Jonah Samson, commended President Buhari for his victory against Boko Haram and corruption respectively.

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