Despicable tale of how herdsmen took turns to rape this 72 year old woman in her farm in Ondo State

72-year-old Victoria Akinseye, in tears as she displayed the torn underwear she wore

Victoria Akinseye, a 72 year old grandmother, in tears narrated a very despicable tale of how herdsmen stormed her farm in Ore, Odigbo Council Area of Ondo State, and took turns to rape her.

She noted that it was a fellow farmer who was on his way to his farm later the same day that saw her where the herdsmen had abandoned her after raping her.

“I was working on my farm when two men attacked me from behind, held my neck such that I couldn’t ask for help. They tore my clothes and took turns to rape me.” She said

The 72 year old woman who was in tears as she displayed the torn underwear she wore on that gruesome day vowed that the wicked herdsmen, who had done the unthinkable to her, would reap the fruit of their wickedness. She cursed them for doing the gruesome act to “an old woman who could have been same age with their mothers.”

She said that her life is in ruins since the incident and she had not yet recovered from the gruesome act.

‘“When we reported the incident to our monarch, we were told I must do a sacrifice, to prevent any bad occurrence in my family. I even had to beg for money to buy items for the ritual. My life is in ruins”. 

The incident caused serious protests by youths and farmers across the 18 council areas of the state in Akure, the state capital. The protesters threatened to take laws into their hands if government fails to address the situation as quick as possible.

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Olusola Adekanmbi, the spokesman of the Ondo State Youth Coalition (OSYC), said that the herdsmen had “not only raped and destroyed farms in the state, they had also resorted to killing, terrorising and kidnapping farmers on their farmlands”.

“One of the farmers, Orimisan Omowole, was murdered in his farm in Odigbo local government area of the state.

“After killing him, they took out his heart and placed it on his chest

“We are not against cattle rearing or saying cattle rearing should be banned but we want free grazing of cattle in our farms at our expense with wanton destruction of our crops and means of livelihood to be stopped forthwith.

“Cattle-rearing is a legitimate and profitable business.

“But it is not acceptable for cattle-rearers to do their business at our expense and even at the expense of our lives and security.

“We believe the herdsmen have refused to do what civilised herdsmen do worldwide by confining their cattle to ranches and similar enclosure because to do so would mean their having to bear the cost of feeding their cattle”.

“The herdsmen are trying to make farming impossible for our people who are now afraid to go to their farms”, the OSYC leader said.

“The Fulani herdsmen have become terrorists who attack, kill, maim and rape our women and even burn their farms.

“They are taking advantage of our civilised way of life for cowardice but if we are pushed beyond our tolerant threshold, we can be militant as the other groups and they should take notice that terror breeds terror.”

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