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Donald Duke, a former Governor of Cross River State who wants to become President in 2019, reveals why he dumped PDP

A former Governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke

Former Governor Donald Duke of Cross River State on Friday revealed that he decided to pursue his presidential ambition under the Social Democratic Party (SDP) because the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), had unconstitutionally, zoned political offices.

Mr. Duke who submitted his nomination form at his new party’s secretariat in Abuja yesterday, stated this on twitter.

According to the former governor, the zoning of political offices is unconstitutional as it limits the choices we have as a country to a section of the country”.

“As rational as they may see it, it remains unconstitutional and there are not enough strong voices out there speaking up objectively. Besides, democracy is all about choice, how then do we limit the choices we have to some section of the country or the other?

“Can we under such aegis obtain the best? Nigeria can only be whole when the sum total of its parts are able to contest freely and at will for the highest office in the land,” Mr. Duke said on twitter.

He further noted that like PDP and APC, even the SDP have the physical presence required nationwide to win the presidency, adding that he hopes his participation would enrich the playing field and offer Nigerians wider options.

“Some folks have espoused that only two parties have the physical presence nationwide to win the presidency in a general election. I disagree. Our fate as Nigerians should not be determined by two underperforming platforms, but rather by we ourselves.

“By joining the race on the platform of the SDP, I hope my participation enriches the playing field and offers Nigerians a wider berth of options other than a zero some playing field of either the APC or the PDP,” Mr Duke said.

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