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I have facts that Femi Fani Kayode left with N2billion meant to fix Port Harcourt airport runway when he was minister of aviation – Amaechi

Chief Femi Fani Kayode (FFK)

Former Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, during an interview on Channels TV on Saturday said that Chief Femi Fani Kayode, the former Aviation Minister, took two billion naira transferred by Dr. Peter Odili, who was the then governor of Rivers State.

According to Amaechi who is now the Minister of Transport, the money was transferred to the Ministry of Aviation to fix the Port-Harcourt runway but FFK did not deliver the job.

Amaechi noted that “former governor Peter Odili’s government gave Femi Fani Kayode, former minister of Aviation 2billion naira to fix the run way and it nowhere in the record of Aviation, am the minister of transportation, I have that record, it is not there, he went away with the 2billion naira. Also,he was asked if it was an allegation on Femi Kayode he said

“Am not making an allegation, this is a statement of fact, am I am the minister for transportation, Dr. Peter Odili I was the governor of Rivers state, in writing the cabinet approved, handed over 2billion naira to Femi Kayode to fix the runway at the Port-Harcourt airport road  that was close for two years and Femi Fani Kayode left with the money.

“Is that the kind of character I will speak to, we are not of the same level.

Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation

Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation

He added that he would make the facts available for people to see that there is no evidence anywhere in the ministry to show that N2billion was transferred from Rivers State to the Aviation Ministry to fix the PH airport.

“The man left with the money,” he stressed.

Amaechi during the interview alleges that he is not corrupt and does not like money. He added that in all modesty, he is a very honest man.

“Is my honesty in doubt, I have told Nigerians and repeat today that I am not corrupt and I don’t like money.

“Am not one swayed by money, I have lived a character that most Nigerians can tell you.

“I try much as possible not to annoy God by saying that I am honest, but with all modesty am an honest Nigerian and there are very few honest Nigerians”

When he was asked the reason why certain people see him as a corrupt person he said; “It started when Nysome Wike became governor, he took documents from the government house that people could not read and said ‘we sold gas turbines and disappeared with the money’ he set up a panel for inquiring, publish their report, he said.

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“If I was corrupt why didn’t former president Goodluck prosecute me. The fight between Goodluck and the Rivers state government or myself lasted for two years.

He talked about the immunity that protected him as a governor while he was still serving, he said; “For Christ sake Adamawa governor had immunity and they removed him, take him as an example they went after the innocent man for nothing, they were coming for me but the case of Adamawa state they had no facts and the court overruled it.

When the presenter asked him how he was able to fund the 2015 presidential election, Amaechi answered and said; “Clap for yourself, do you have any evident that i funded the 2015 presidential election, leading the campaign is different from funding an election. You need to ask Buhari’s campaign organisation, there were contributions everywhere and everybody contributed even a woman walked to Buhari and gave him her last savings, Nigerians wanted change because the level of corruption in the country was so high and that’s why they contributed to remove that government. “Including you I believe that Nigerians owe me allot, when I sit in house I believe Nigerians owe me allot, ‘first we saved this country from that level of corruption, corruption were you see 50 million dollars at Osburn’s street and those who share in the corruption are busy dancing about it.

Amaechi also advised President Buhari to run for 2019 presidential election because he is capable and fit to rule Nigeria.

In case you missed the video yesterday, click play to watch it below

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