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Former APC senator says he supported Saraki because of the injustice the government did to him

Senate President Bukola Saraki

Senator Isah Misau, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Navy, in a recent interview (as published on Punch), revealed that he supported Senate President Bukola Saraki because of the kind of injustice the government was trying to do to him.

“I have never seen black and called it white and I have never seen white and called it black. I don’t do that because of my upbringing and my security background. That is why I saw the kind of injustice the government was trying to do to the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, and I supported him 100 per cent. I have no regrets,” the senator said.

“I left the Nigeria Police and went into politics because I saw the injustice in the police and I was thinking that in politics, I will be able to correct those things. I saw that even in politics, it is still the same thing; it is just the Nigerian society. I have done my best,” he added.

Chairman, Senate Committee on Navy, Senator Isah Misau
Chairman, Senate Committee on Navy, Senator Isah Misau

He further noted that leaders are not what they preach.

Senator Misau said that a lot of things happened during the February 23 presidential and National Assembly elections.

“I participated in the presidential election and contested election into the Senate. I dare say that our leaders are not what they preach. If you look at the presidential election, a lot of things happened. There was intimidation of voters; we had open use of money with video evidence to prove that; even in a state, we saw the Commissioner for Finance giving money to the people to go and vote on the day of election. And for the security men, they were aware of some of these things. They said they did not take action because they were waiting for the Independent National Electoral Commission to tell them to arrest. But when it comes to the opposition, you would see their overzealousness. What I am saying is that the presidential election was not free and fair. Some candidates were going to the governor to get clearance, begging him to be declared winners. What is the connection between the governor and INEC?

Regarding the spate of inconclusive elections, the senator said that it is not part of our laws and not part of the constitution.

If you look at the term inconclusive election, it is not even part of our laws; it is not part of our constitution. The constitution states clearly that when somebody wins with clear majority votes, that person is declared a winner. We are just lucky that inconclusive elections didn’t cause violence in Nigeria. There is no way somebody will win an election and you tell him that it is inconclusive because you have cancelled votes somewhere. Was he the one that cancelled the votes? INEC is the one that cancelled the votes; so, it cannot punish somebody for what it has done.

INEC cancelled those elections and there are reasons for cancelling those elections. You cannot say you cancel a unit because of over-voting and you say you will come back and conduct another election in that area. Even in the INEC guidelines, once there is over-voting, you cannot do election there because the fault is not from the candidates; the fault is from the people who allowed such a thing to happen. If you look at it, it is not in our laws.

I think what we are supposed to do is for the National Assembly to bring up a law that will state categorically that where someone wins an election, the person should be declared a winner, unless there are places where voting did not take place at all due to card reader malfunctioning or unforeseen circumstances like natural disaster.

But if there is a failure of card readers and other things, the law says the following day, you can conduct the election,” he said.

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