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Member of House of Reps dumps ruling APC; says party is a sinking ship. Accuses ruling party of not caring about the welfare of the people as Nigerians are now poorer

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Mr. Adams Jagaba, the Chairman of the House Committee on Interior, on Monday, announced his decision to resign from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Mr. Jagaba who represents Kachia/Kagarko constituency of Kaduna State said that the APC is a sinking ship and he would rather leave the party than sink with it.

“APC is a sinking ship and I won’t perish with it,” he said.

His decision came following his suspension by the Kaduna State Chapter of the APC.

Although the lawmaker has not declared which party he would be joining, it is expected like former Vice President Atiku Abubakar he would join the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“I expected dismissal and now suspension. It’s been long I bid them farewell,” Mr. Jagaba said.

“My body language, my utterances, my actions and inactions have demonstrated that I had parted ways with them for a long time. It’s unfortunate that they are not practical scientists to realise it,” he added.

Mr. Adams Jagaba, the Chairman of the House Committee on Interior

Mr. Adams Jagaba, the Chairman of the House Committee on Interior

According to him, the APC has shown that the security and welfare of the people is not a priority.

“The electorates are poorer now, Fulani herdsmen have continued to attack and kill my people unabatedly with both the federal and state governments doing nothing. He said

“The Governor of Kaduna State has continually said, he does not need the votes from Southern Kaduna to win election. He has demonstrated that he values the life of a cow than the lives of Southern Kaduna people.

“So, I can’t stay with them in the same party,” he added.

“The power lies with the electorates and not in the hands of a political party.”

“If they are expecting me to come crawling on my knees to beg them, then they are day-dreaming.”

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