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Militant Attack: Military Force not the best option

Governor Diskson and Buhari

Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State, has appealed to the Federal Government not to use force as a way out of the current attack on oil facilities by militants.

Dickson who was at the State House in Abuja yesterday noted that dialogue is the only option out of the situation.

Speaking to correspondents after a private meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Seriake Dickson said;

“I have said that the issues in the Niger Delta, the terrain, the historic nature of the issues and challenges are such that military solution may not be the way forward. ‎For us who are products of political system who are at this level, we have a duty to mobilise communal and local leadership, we have a duty to support the work of intelligence and security agencies are doing, we have a duty to ensure that issues are better appreciated and that we fill the communication gap. He said

“And where there are issues those issues need be addressed and is also our duty to network like I’m doing to ensure that problems that are identified as the root cause of some of these challenges are looked into.

“The military solution as I have always maintained is not the right option. We are hopeful that the ongoing discussions will yield the desired result. I have always been in support of negotiations, of dialogue as the sustainable way forward. Dialogue will bring out the issues and then we will all unite around these common issues to move our country forward”

“I came in this afternoon to have discussions with Mr. President. That is because my position has been and I believe that is the right position every political leader should take which is that after general elections, political leaders and citizens must unite and address common issues and find solutions to the problems of our country.

“All over the world, once nations have crisis, once nations come under attack, leaders unite across political lines. And together, I came in to have discussion with Mr. President and I thank him for that opportunity and we cross fertilized ideas around issues of security.

“Of course, as you know Bayelsa is central to the maintenance of law and order and stability in our country particularly in the Niger Delta region. Bayelsa is the epicentre of the issues that have to do with the Niger Delta. And we had fruitful discussions on the need for political leaders, governmental and political leaders to work together to support the work of the security agencies and foster better understanding of even people who have grievances and that we are committed to do together.

“I also want to use this opportunity to appreciate Mr. President for his non-interference in the political processes that played out in Bayelsa in the last general elections. And as you are also aware‎, yesterday, the Elections Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja delivered judgement upholding my election and affirming my emergence as a true product of the democratic exercise of rights of our people in the December 5th and January 9th.

“Again, I want to use this opportunity to appreciate‎ Mr. President for his non-interference contrary to the propaganda and the name dropping that some politicians back home and even in Abuja embarked upon. There is no name they didn’t call. There is no claim that they didn’t make but I’m telling Nigerians, I’m telling Bayelsans to disregard all that propaganda.

“The President never had anything to do by way of negatively influencing the last general elections in Bayelsa and also the outcome of the Tribunal proceedings. That is important because if our nation must move forward, if our democracy must be strengthened, if our nation must move forward, if our democracy must be strengthened, if our nation must be stable, then institutions must be allowed to grow.

“I want to use this opportunity to call on my opponent, brothers and friends and fellow citizens of Bayelsa and all others to join hands with us so that we can render service to our people and a stronger more stable and prosperous Bayelsa.”

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