Niger Delta Militants

Militants bomb NPDC crude oil pipeline in Delta State

niger delta militants

Suspected militant group has bombed the Abura oil pipeline belonging to the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company.

The oil pipeline located around Osieta Avenue around Otu-Jeremi in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State was reportedly attacked around 6:40am on Sunday.

According to report, it was the quick intervention of the fire service from the Otorogu Gas Plant which is just a kilometer away from the blown pipeline that stopped the fire from spreading to people’s houses.

The pipeline is the major oil line that supplies crude to the Out-Jeremi Flow Station and the Otorogu Gas Plant.

Mr. Paul Etaga, the Ughelli South Council Chairman, who visited the scene of the attack said that;

“The incident led to a fire outbreak. Meanwhile, firefighters had quenched the inferno. We appeal to our youths and militants to desist from vandalising oil facilities. It only causes more harm to us, please.

“Whoever that is responsible for the attack should stop. Youths and militants should know there are better ways of agitating rather than destroying your environment. If not for the fire service that acted swiftly nearby houses would have been burnt and maybe lives would have been lost too.”

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