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Name the eight (8) governors supporting you, Makarfi challenges Sheriff

Following the statement made by a key member of the Senator Ali Modu Sheriff led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) faction, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak, the Chairman of the PDP National Caretaker Committee, Ahmed Makarfi, has challenged Sheriff to mention the governors supporting their faction.

Gulak had claimed that there are about eight (8) governors behind the Sheriff-led faction.

A statement Makarfi noted that there was iota of truth in.

The spokesman of the Makarfi faction, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, described Gulak’s claim as political hallucination;

“I think he actually meant the All Progressives Congress governors who are their sponsors and not our PDP governors,” he noted.

The former minister of state for works noted that the Sheriff-led PDP faction were evidently paid agents of the APC who were contracted to destroy the PDP.

“We are amused by Gulak’s claims. Since the May 21, 2016 convention which held in Port Harcourt, Ali Modu Sheriff and his renegade band have never missed any opportunity to blame the governors for the problems of the party.

“Only last week, their self appointed Deputy National Chairman, Dr. Cairo Ojuogboh, was still castigating the governors for the party’s woes at a press conference.Why attack those who are supporting you?

“If Gulak wants to be taken serious he should name the governors who are supporting his group. Name names and say the type of support you receive from the governors.”

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