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Oyo State Government shuts Obasanjo Farms, 12 other companies on Tuesday

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

The Government of Oyo State on Tuesday reportedly shut down a farm belonging to former President Olusegun Obasanjo for defaulting in the payment of environmental levy.

Obasanjo’s farm was closed alongside 12 other companies including; MRS Oil, University Press Limited, Evans Brother, Brooking House, Black Horse, Chicken Republic and others by a combined team coordinated by the Oyo State Board of Internal Revenue.

According to Bicci Alli, the Chairman of the Oyo State Board of Internal Revenue, the companies had to be closed because of their failures to comply with the state’s tax laws after repeated formal communication.

“The exercise we carried out today is not something new and not outside the law. It is within the law.

“We went to restrain some corporate organisations that failed to pay what is due to Oyo State Government after giving them due notices.

“So we went to those places to restrain them from having access to their premises and it’s going to be a continuous exercise, all through the week and even next week.”

“We wrote to them and gave them notice to pay, but they refused to pay. It was as a result of their failure to pay that we now embarked on the needful.

“But it’s so sad that it is not until we have to take this step against the firms that they are now actually coming out to pay.

“Government is not interested in disrupting the business of these corporate organisations.

“Our business as a government is to create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and which we have done tremendously in the last few years.

“That is why you see businesses springing up on daily basis in the state. The government cannot disrupt their businesses unless where it is absolutely necessary,’’ he said.

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