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PDP didn’t lose and APC didn’t win – Ex-Minister Ciroma

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A former Minister of Finance, Adamu Ciroma, yesterday in Abuja, as he received members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Board of Trustee (BoT) led by Senator Jibrin Walid, said that PDP didn’t lose and APC didn’t win because APC has a lot to do.

 “Just before the last elections and when we saw the trend of events, I warned members of the PDP to prepare themselves for whatever eventuality that may come. He said.

“Today, PDP didn’t lose and APC didn’t win because APC has a lot to do. He noted.

He said that when people talk about politics in Nigeria, PDP is always the party people talk about as if the APC does not even exist.

He encouraged the PDP to participate in politics specifically for good cause (the interest of the poor masses).

“When you talk about politics, you talk about PDP. When you talk of politics, people talk about PDP as If APC does not exist. So far, APC is not playing the right role‎.’’

“Politics will always be there,’’ He added.

“Everybody who participates in politics does so for good cause and that good cause is of the interest and political stability of all Nigerians.

“There will not be one party; there will always be one political party or the others.

As he reaffirmed that the main reason to get involved in politics is to help out the poor masses, he urged the PDP members to get prepared to put things in order since the APC is and will apparently make a lot of mistakes.

“I insist that people must play the rightful role in politics and that role is to promote the interest of the poor masses.

“Anybody can make a mistake. The beauty of it is that every party that has a chance to rule has the chance to make mistakes.

“APC will make a lot of mistakes and the PDP must be ready to put things right and all of you must be ready to contribute, participate and get involved for the interests of ordinary Nigerians.’’


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