Policemen repeatedly hit NSCDC officer on the head with batons and dragged him on the ground till he bled to death in front of his wife and kids

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps officer, Ogah Jumbo

Mrs. Ada, the widow of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps officer, Ogah Jumbo, who was beaten to death by two policemen in the Nyanya area of Abuja on Wednesday, has narrated how her husband was dragged on the ground by these wicked policemen till he died.

She stated that her husband who is an Assistant Superintendent of the NSCDC attached to the Sharia Court in Abuja was killed in front of her and their two kids.

Ogah widow noted that he sustained broken fingernails and bruises on his toes when he was dragged on the ground by the police traffic wardens who assaulted him. They hit him on his head with batons repeatedly and then dragged him for about a kilometer on the ground to the police station.

She further revealed that the policemen were not willing to take him to the hospital on the excuse that their vehicles had no fuel. After much delay, he was eventually taken to the Nyanya General Hospital where he was rejected.

His corpse was eventually deposited in the Maitama General Hospital mortuary.

The incident happened when her husband was taking her to her work place, Gloryland International School, Karu, where she works as a teacher.

“We were going to Karu from New Nyanya, but on getting to the Catholic church, we diverted. A traffic warden stopped the vehicles on the other side and asked vehicles on our side to move, but when it got to our turn, he stopped our car and my husband pleaded with him that he was late for work.

“The traffic warden retorted that it was not his business, because he was not the cause of the traffic jam. He stood in front of the vehicle and said my husband wanted to hit him with the car.

“He kicked the vehicle and went to the driver’s side and was pulling my husband out of the vehicle. His (the traffic warden’s) colleague, Mr Idoko, also joined him and they were beating my husband with batons. I alighted from the vehicle and pleaded with them.

“They (traffic wardens) dragged my husband on the ground to their station. If you see his body in the mortuary, you will notice that his fingernails were chopped off and he bled to death.”

“By the time I got to their station, I found my husband sitting on the ground and unable to talk. All the policemen were insulting him, saying, ‘You are a stupid man; we hate civil defence corps officers, they are too stubborn’. They killed my husband in my presence, leaving me to cater for two children alone,” she cried.

Report has it that Bala Ciroma, the Federal Capital Territory Commissioner of Police, had already ordered the detention of the police personnel involved in the incident.

He also visited the NSCDC office in Abuja to commiserate with the operatives over Ogah’s avoidable death.

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