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Here is why President Buhari will never implement the 2014 Confab report

President Muhammadu Buhari and Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

Despite calls and recommendations to President Muhammadu Buhari to implement the 2014 Confab report, the presidency has reaffirmed that the report will not be used.

Mr. Garba Shehu, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Senior Special Assistant on Media, on Channels TV stated why the Buhari’s administration would not consider the Confab report.

According to him, the conference was not inclusive as leaders of their party were not at the conference and that it was lopsided.

“It was not an inclusive conference. You very well recall that the leaders of our own party – whether ACN and all of that and the governors were missing from that conference. He said

‘’To make matters worse, the confab was heavily criticised but the Goodluck Jonathan administration went on with it. This (the confab) was lopsided in terms of representation, ethnically, religiously, regionally; and they were insensitive to all of these things and then they want to force it down the throats of everyone. That is why it’s a problem.” He added

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President Buhari had advised that any Nigerian who is aggrieved can take his concerns to the National Assembly. However, with the kind of politics being play in this part of the world, people are concerned that it would be impossible to get the lawmakers to make laws to favour Nigerians when such laws may be unfavorable to their personal interests.

Shehu however said that; “The members of the National Assembly are not aliens and they don’t come from the moon. They are Nigerians and they are representing definite constituencies in some of the states. So, they are serving the purpose of representation. Why can’t they be trusted?”

“It is not like I have no respect for older people. But there are people who think that they have messed up this country so much that they now want to resolve the problems that they created and they are in a hurry to do that,” he said.

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