They were promised N15million to supply 3 human breasts and hands. How these evil men ended the lives of 3 innocent girls

John Adenitire (aka Emir), Fasayo Fasanu (aka Abore) and Alfa Abdulrafiu Tijani

The Ondo State Police Command has arrested three men for the murder of three female students of the Adeyemi College of Education for money ritual.

John Adenitire (aka Emir), Fasayo Fasanu (aka Abore) and Alfa Abdulrafiu Tijani, a herbalist, confessed that they killed the 3 students and removed their left breasts and hands.

According to them, suspected ritualists had promised N5million for each of the breasts and hands. After removing the parts they need from the girls, they buried their remains in a thick forest. The police have recovered the bodies of two of the victims, Blessing Oladepo and Mary Oluwasemilore from where they were buried.

The suspects added that they had delivered the breasts and the hands to Sile, the man who linked them to the ritualists but have not yet received payment for the job.

Sile who is now on the run has been declared wanted by the police. Report shows that his clients had their base in Ijebu Igbo area of Ogun State.

The victims were reportedly carried on bike by the suspects who pretended to be okada men.

The girls were probably hypnotized and diverted to another destination where they met their end.

The herbalist, Tijani, was said to be the person who received the breasts and hands and then gave the parts to Sile. But Sile vanished without paying them their N15million.

According to report, the girls disappearance was not reported to the police early enough as it took about a week before a report was filed to the police.

Consequently, the anti-robbery squad of the Ondo State Police Command apprehended the killers.

Adenitire, one of the suspects, said that N15million was too tempting to resist. He noted that the money pushed them to abduct and murder the girls.

“They promised to give us N5 million for a left breast and a left hand and we were able to send three different sets to them but they had not sent the money before the police nabbed us,” Adenitire said.

“We killed the three girls and removed their breasts and buried their remains in the forest. We gave the parts to the Alfa and Sile who is also part of us but took to his heels after our arrest.

“I was not there when the victims were killed but I was the one keeping vigil at the entrance of the forest and the operation was successful. I did not participate in the killing.” He added

The second person Fasanu also confessed to the crime. According to him, Adenitire was the one who told him about the business, adding that he promised him there was no problem.

“I was in my house when John Adenitire told me he had a business that could lead to cool money for us. He told me it was about ritual and assured me there was no problem.

“We went out the second day around 9:30 p.m. and three girls and one boy were picked and we killed them before removing their parts while Sile took them to herbalists in Ore and Ijebu Igbo.”

Mr. Gbenga Adeyanju, the Ondo State Commissioner of Police, said that the suspects were arrested at different locations and had confessed to killing the three students.

He added that the report on the missing girls was made at Fagun Police Station in Ondo town on July 28.

The first suspect, Adenitire, was however arrested in a robbery incident in Ondo. His confession to the crime eventually led to the arrests of the remaining suspects.

“During interrogation, the suspects confessed to mutilating the bodies of the victims for ritual purposes. In fact, the suspects took us to where they buried the victims. On getting there, we found the bodies already decomposing” the police commissioner said

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