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Rivers State: Hausa Community neglected by Northern governors after IPOB clashes

Northern Governors visits Nyesom Wike

News in Rivers state: When the five governors from Northern Nigeria came to Nyesom Wike, they were bashed by the members of the Arewa Initiative for Peaceful Co-existence (AIPCSN) in Southern Nigeria. The described event followed the confrontation between the Hausa community and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The AIPCSN members were unsatisfied with the officials’ not paying attention to the northern people living in the Southern Nigeria. It seemed that the high-ranking authorities simply avoided the Hausa community when they arrived in the region. As a result, the entire community was offended by the politicians’ carelessness of the Nigerians from the North who were affected by the recent conflict. Besides, they emphasized the need to foster friendly co-existence of people all across Nigeria.

According to the AIPCSN coordinator Alhaji Musa Saidu, it was disrespectful of the politicians to avoid meeting with the people who were mixed up in the confrontation.

We had a conversation with Saidu in Rivers state, in which he claimed that the behavior of the officials demonstrated their indifference to the conflict and northern citizens in the South in general.

He added that it was clear that the 5 officials had little interest in the situation with the people in the South and that they didn’t care how they felt or what was their outlook on the matter. Although the northerners were looking forward to meeting with the politicians and listening to their words of support, their expectations were far from being realized.

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Although the politicians were close to the place of the conflict, their failure to address the problem in front of the people brought more discontent with the current rulers of the country.

According to Rivers state news, Alhaji Musa Saidu gave a speech, in which he stressed the necessity to stay as one and united nation and that nothing should divide the people.

He added that the spirit of brotherhood should lie in the heart of Nigeria, bringing people together rather than breaking them apart. Peace should always come first, as people want to live in the safe place in the first place. They don’t have to be afraid to walk in the street.

Thus, religion shouldn’t stand in the way of peaceful co-existence, nor should it tell people apart. If religion is mixed into it, people will simply lack understanding of each other’s ways and lives. So the best advice in this situation is for all people to be more accepting and tolerant so that no difference could transform into a full-fledged confrontation like the one this time.

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