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How RRS arrested 4-man robbery gang that attacked and ganged raped 9 women including a 57 year old woman in 2 weeks

The operatives of the Lagos State Police Rapid Response Squad (RRS) have arrested a gang of robbers that also raped their female victims around Charity area, Oshodi, Lagos.

The notorious gang was arrested following a fight among themselves over a stolen Samsung mobile phone.

According to the four member gang, they have lost count of how many of their female victims including married women they’ve raped so far, but they however rape nine women in two weeks.

The suspects normally gathered under the foot bridge at Charity Bus Stop in Oshodi pretending to be waiting for commercial bus as passengers.

They usually operate in the early morning, around 4am and 5am, attacking people waiting for buses or others crossing to the other side of the road.

The saddest among the evil they commit is dragging their female victims to a nearby bush where they gang raped them and collect their valuables.

According to reports, most of their female victims are market and businesswomen going to Ketu/Mile 12 market and others waiting for their staff buses at the Bus Stop.

Their arrest came following the apprehension of Daniel Olayemi, one of their gang members, while fighting with a member of another separate gang over a Samsung mobile phone.

Olayemi’s confession led to the arrest of 19 year old Abdulwahab Yusuf, 23 year old Saviour Daniel, 27 year old Sunday John who is the leader of the gang.

He further stated that he and his gang members had ganged raped about nine (9) ladies out of the 12 persons they attacked in the past two weeks.

“I have followed him (John) to more than 12 operations. We were always operating at Charity Bus Stop from 4:00 a.m. to 5:40 a.m. Our last operation was on a lady of about 57 years old. She was passing by the bus-stop, and I snatched her hand bag and disappeared into the bush,” Olayemi stated.

“I came out of the bush only to see three of my colleagues having s*x with the lady. I then hid the best of the three phones I found in her bag. I disclosed to them that I saw only two small phones and N8, 000 in her bag.”

“we had, in a similar circumstance days before, raped a middle-aged lady at the same spot when we didn’t see any valuable in her bag. We took turns to rape her, after which we allowed her to go.”

“in all the rape cases, John took the initiative and the lead. He dragged the ladies into the bush before calling on us to take our turns. He is the leader of the gang. None of us dare challenge him. He doesn’t share with us whatever we made from the robberies equally. That was why I stole the Samsung tablet from the lady that day.

“We also robbed men too. I participated in the robbery of about three men at the same bus stop, and in all the operations, John took the lead, seizing the victims and dragging them into the bush where we raped and/or took their valuables,” Olayemi added.

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Saviour in his own confession said, “I didn’t partake in all the rape sessions. I was only involved on three occasions. John was the one who dragged them into the bush and undressed them. He took the lead and ordered us to take turns.

“He is our leader. He is stronger than us and he instructed us to have s*x with them. Whenever he got exhausted, he ordered us to take our turns. I had my turn after him, and it was the youngest of us, Olayemi, who came last. At times, they distanced themselves whenever we were taking turns.”

The leader of the group who did not deny the allegations said;

“in the last two weeks, we had robbed and dragged nine women between the ages of 27 years to 57 years into the bush and raped them.

“We took turns to rape them. While our primary aim was to steal their valuables, I have been raping most of them after robbing them. It is true that it has been my idea, but we have all been doing it together,” he said.

“After robbing the ladies, I would drag them into the nearby bush. If they were young ladies, I would carry them into the bush. For instance, I carried a lady of about 24 into the bush two weeks ago.

“After taking turns on her, other gang members ran away after taking all she had on her. When they were gone, her dress was messed up so I took her to where she cleaned up.

“She couldn’t even find her shoes so I got a new pair of slippers for her before I gave her N500 for transport fare to Iyana Ipaja area”

“we are not the only gang operating there. I know of about three other gangs that rob there. Some groups of boys come from Agbado and Agege areas to operate at Charity Bus Stop. They operate in the evening.”

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