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How my surveyor friend lured me into a hotel and raped me on December 30 – Mother of two alleges

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The Lagos State Police Command is currently investigating an alleged torture and rape of a woman identified as Ola, by a surveyor identified as Femi.

According to reports, the incident happened on Destiny Estate, Abijo, Lekki area of Lagos State.

According to the victim, Ola, who is a single mother of two, someone she identified as Monday, who worked for the suspect, Femi, brutalized and subdued her, before Femi raped her.

Test report from the Mirabel Centre of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, confirmed that there was forceful penetration on Ola.

However, Femi vehemently denied raping her, according to him, the s*x was mutual between them.

Femi also noted that Closed Circuit Television recordings of the hotel where the incident happened shows that the victim, Ola, only wants to blackmail him for refusing to give her N2million.

Ola in her statement said that Femi lured her into the hotel.

“In 2014, I went to the Ikota Shopping Complex to buy clothes from a woman called Mrs. Bashorun. The clothes were for my children who wanted to celebrate the end of session party.”

“I became friends with the woman and later, she told me that someone saw me in her shop and was interested in me. When I met the person, he did not appeal to me. So, I turned him down.”

“I lost my uncle around that period and invited Mrs. Bashorun. She gave me N100,000 and said it was from the man. I told her collecting the money did not mean I had accepted his advances and she said no problem.”

Eventually, the woman started pressurizing Ola to date the suspect, which made Ola to stop patronizing her.

Ola added that sometime in October 2016, she ran into Femi in the Petrocam, Sangotedo area of Ajaj.

“He said I should forget about the past and that we could be friends with no strings attached. He gave my children N20,000 before leaving that day. We discussed about my business, which I told him wasn’t doing well because of recession. He proposed that if I could get buyers for his land, he would pay me commission on it.”

Ola said the suspect gained her trust and she felt free with him. But he was mostly disappointed whenever she appears with are children at land meetings.

Eventually Ola got a visa to America and informed the suspect so he could help her sell her properties since she was relocating abroad.

On December 30, 2016, around 7:30pm, Femi called Ola and told her about a party going on in a hotel in the area. He said there was someone who was interested in buying her car who is at the party.

“He said there was someone interested in buying my car and the person attended the party. I sent him a text message that I would come.”

“That day, I didn’t take my kids along because it was late. When I got there, there was no party going on. I parked my car and went to meet a lady at the reception. I asked her if there was a party going on at the hotel and she said no.”

“I was driving out of the hotel when Femi called my line and said he was upstairs and that I should go back to the reception.

“While going upstairs, I suddenly saw a man behind me. He showed me a knife. He said if I didn’t coorperate, he would kill me and no one would know.”

“He took me to a door and someone pulled me in and slapped me. He gave me a blow and turned on the light. I saw the person was Femi; he pushed me to the wall and almost strangled me.”

“He called the man with the knife, Monday, to pull off my trousers and he did. He told him to go out and be on the watch. He dragged me to the centre of the room and the pressure from the strangulation made me to lose consciousness.”

According to Ola, she woke up only to realize that she was naked and Femi was pouring water on her.

After escaping from the hotel the next morning, Ola reported the incident to the Ajiwe Police Station.

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She noted that she handed to the police evidences of the assault on her by Femi, including her torn panties.

The police referred Ola to the Mirabel Centre in Ikeja, where tests were conducted on her and the test report showed that she was physically assaulted and sexually abused.

Femi however noted that Ola is a scammer and that she had demanded for N2million from him and threatened that if he didn’t pay the money, she would blackmail him.

“Please don’t mind her, she is a scammer. Actually, she is my girlfriend and she always collected money from me. If you investigate, she has blackmailed many other men in Ajah.”

“Anytime she asked me for money, even when I was not in Nigeria, I would send money to her. Sometimes, she would say she was in debt and I would bail her out.

“She called me on the day and said we should meet at a hotel, that she wanted to groove with me.”

“When we got to the hotel around 2am, she said she needed N2million to travel abroad. The way we both entered into the hotel and even the text message she sent to me; I have all the evidence. After we were done and I took her out of the hotel to see her off into the car, I have all the recordings.”

Femi was invited by the police, but he was released on bail and the case was taken up by the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender, which petitioned the Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, over the conduct of the police at the Ajiwe division.

Mrs. Salami Olubukola, the Director of the OPD, said;

“As our office awaited arraignment details, the petitioner, who had been in contact with the DPO Ajah, informed our office that the alleged suspect had been released on bail by the DPO and was now on the run. I have also put several calls to the DPO, but I have yet to get a response.

“I must express my deepest dismay about the conduct of the DPO and other officers for compromising the case by not charging the alleged suspect to court, but granting him bail instead. I humbly request that you office investigate this matter and do the needful.”

According to Bola Olugbani, his counsel, she said; “They have a long time relationship and she invited him to a hotel. They ate, drank and retired into a room. She is a mother of two children and she is not a virgin or an under 18 girl. She is an adult who entered into a hotel with a man; he cannot likely be somebody who was raped. The CCTV recordings show that only she and my client entered the room. She told the police that other persons held down her legs for my client to sleep with her. The CCTV footage showed something different: no human being entered the room with them.”

“She held my client’ shirt at 2am, demanding between N2million to N5million or else she would scream rape. My client petted her up till 4am when she loosened her grip and he escaped. She then made a defamatory report at Ajiwe Police Station, Ajah.

“The case file has been transferred to the IG Monitoring Unit at Kam-Salem House, Ikoyi. Legally, my client is not the complainant, while she is the suspect in a case of false information, false petition, blackmail, attempt at extortion and assault. Sooner than later, investigative police report will show that someone is on the wrong side of the law and will be charge to court.”

SP Dolapo Badmos, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command said that;

“The case is under discreet investigation; the division is still awaiting a medical report. At the conclusion of investigation, proper action will be taken.

“All the divisional police officers know that the Commissioner of Police does not tolerate anyone who compromises cases that have to do with domestic and sexual violence, hence no DPO will want to take such risks.” She added.

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