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Suspect involved in Badeh’s assassination said he was paid N25,000 for the job

Air Chief Marshal, Alex Badeh (rtd), a former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)

Shuaibu Rabi, one of the five suspects who killed former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, alleged that he was paid N25,000.

Rabi, 25, a native of Bade in Kaduna State alleged that they ambush the Ex-Defence Chief to dispossess him of cash he was carrying.

He was arrested alongside Yahaya, Maube, Aliyu Usman (aka Ciroma) and Ibrahim Abdullahi, by the operatives of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team.

Late CDS Badeh was killed on December 18, 2018, along the Abuja-Keffi Expressway while on his way to his farm.

Badeh was with his driver and his friend the day the ugly incident occurred.

The suspects who were paraded at the Police Headquarter had confessed that they killed Badeh to collect the huge cash he wanted to use to purchase land in the Panda area of Nasarawa State.

His friends and family had since vehemently dismissed the claims, saying that it was a concocted story prepared with the help of the police to cover-up the assassination.

“Before last Christmas, I went to the market in Panda and I met with Ciroma. He told me that there was a big man who has a farm in Panda and that the man was coming to buy another farm within the area. He said he wanted us to rob the man when he brought the money for payment. That was on a Friday.

“Ciroma told me that the man was coming on a Tuesday to pay for the land.  On that Tuesday, I went to my own farm and told a friend about it. We called Ciroma to know if ‘the job’ was still feasible and he asked us to come. We left together with another friend called Baso to meet Ciroma on a farm. He gave me a Dane gun. He also gave guns to some other members of the gang.

“When the operation started, Ciroma and the other members were in front of me and my friend. When we sighted the vehicle carrying the man, we started shooting. At that point, I can’t tell who killed the man. Ciroma brought out a bag from the vehicle and he gave me N25,000. He promised to give me more money later.”

Usman, 35 year old father of 8, said that he hired the two AK-47 guns they used in the attack from a friend.

He further stated that the attack was masterminded by Maube, who was aware of the actual farmland Badeh wanted to purchase.

“Maube lives in Kare, close to Panda area. He told me that there was a rich man (Badeh) who has a farm in his area and he would need some guys to rob the man. I contacted Shuaibu (Rabi), whom I met in Gitata Market and told him about the plan and he got interested. Three days later, Maube called me and said that the man was on his farm and that I should call my guys.

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“I called Shuaibu and told him that the man was around. Shuiabu came with two persons, Yahaya and Baso, to meet me at the market. Alhaji Maube then called me and said that the man had left his farm and was driving through Panda Road.  Alhaji Maube took a motorcycle and followed the rich man from behind while six others and I laid in ambush for the man at Zomgo area (of Nasarawa State).

“One Ibrahim Abdulahi, who was carrying Alhaji Maube, on a motorcycle, brought two guns to us. As soon as the vehicle he was in appeared, Abdullahi pointed it out to us and we came out from hiding and started shooting. I don’t know who fired the shot that killed the man.”

He further added that when he opened the car, he found a bag containing money. He gave the money to Abdullahi who delivered it to Maube.

Usman also noted that it was when the news of Badeh’s murder was everywhere that he knew they had killed a former CDS.

“I am a cab driver and I usually ply Abuja-Keffi Road. I make N4,000 daily. I thought the operation would fetch me more money. I have two wives and eight children,” Usman said.

He was arrested while waiting for passengers at the Panda market when a bus conveying policemen block his car.

26 year old Abdullahi, a native of Kare in Nasarawa State, said that he did not know about the robbery until the gang struck, adding that he did not even know what was inside the bag Usman had asked him to deliver to Maube.

“I am a farmer and I ride a motorcycle because I need extra money to fend for my family.  Alhaji called me on a Tuesday in December 2018, and he asked me to take him to Panda area. We stopped by at his shop and he went in to bring a bag. I don’t know what was in the bag. He then asked me to take the bag to Gitata and hand it over to Ciroma.

“Ciroma and Shuiabu collected the bag from me, after which they asked me to wait around. I went to the back of a farm and waited.  A few minutes later, I heard gunshots and Ciroma called me to come for the bag I had given him. He also gave me another bag containing money and he asked me to give the bag to Alhaji Muabe.”

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