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Temidayo, the 32 year old lady who was stabbed to death by her 22 year old Cameroonian cleaner buried in Lagos

Late Miss Temidayo Adeleke

Late Miss Temidayo Adeleke, the lady who was stabbed to death by her Cameroonian cleaner identified as Joel Ludguo, was buried yesterday at the The Vaults and Garden, Ikoyi, Lagos State.

We published a report last week on how the cleaner, Ludguo, demanded for an advance payment of N15,000 out of his N27,000 December salary.

32 year old Temidayo who was suppose to get married early 2017 told him that she had no naira cash on her because she just returned from the US.

The cleaner however got angry and left her only to return few minutes later with a knife which he used to stab her to death.

Investigation by the police revealed that the 22 year old cleaner was desperate to send money to his girl friend in Cameroon.

Late Temidayo’s security guard, Abbah, had described the cleaner as a wicked boy. Abbah counted many good things their boss does for Ludguo, including a new phone she bought for him last month and the money she usually gift him.

“The boy is wicked and I have always warned him. He takes drugs. When policemen checked his clothes, they found tremor there. Madam bought him a new phone last month and she usually gave him money apart from his salary. She brought him home through her church member last month and they lived in her flat.

“It was the driver who lives in the adjoining flat that heard madam scream. By the time he got there, she was gasping with blood gushing out of her chest. The driver alerted me immediately to stop Joel at the gate and he was later arrested,” he had said.

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